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Chalice Program


PROPOSAL.  For the Assembly to present a Chalice to a newly ordained New Priest or Missionary each year.

SELECTION AND PRESENTATION.  A designated newly ordained priest of missionary would be selected by the current Faithful Navigator.  The presentation would be by the current Faithful Navigator at the end of the Navigator’s term in office.

PURPOSE.  To Memorialize the Deceased Sir Knights of the Assembly.  On the visible side at the base of the chalice would be etched names of all Sir Knights that died during the past Columbian Year.

PURCHASING.  Purchasing a chalice, paten, and case unit currently is approximately $450.  The etching will vary on the number of deceased.

2ND CHALICE EXAMPLE.  A second chalice should be bought and set on a table next to the deceased Sir Knight.  At the wake service at the beginning ceremony the explanation would be given as to why the chalice is present and when and where it will go.

COST TO THE MEMBERSHIP.  The cost of the chalice would be borne by the membership as a volunteer $5 assessment beyond dues and lifetime members.  At $5 it would take 90 members to cover the cost of 1 Unit.  180 for two.  Considering a membership of 300 and 1/3 not interested $1,000 would be come in in one year.  That would cover the cost of 3 chalices.

MOTION.  To purchase 2 chalices and to give away 1 chalice every year to a new priest or missionary priest.  Should there be an excess in names to fit on the chalice a second chalice can be donated.

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